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The name of the site comes from the Zulu word "Eduze" which means "together with". Inspired by the power of Open Source and cooperation, I was looking for a name for my site which would express the feeling of sharing and cooperation.

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My choice for a Zulu word is inspired by my love for African music and rhythm, which was awakened by the Graceland album from Paul Simon in 1986. I changed the writing of the word a bit because I intend to write all my articles in English and I want to make sure that most people also pronounce the word correct.

By no means, I want to interfere with existing projects specificly targeted to an African public which also use the word eduze somewhere in their name. That's also part of the explanation why I changed the writing.

The site is meant to share my knowledge on Joomla security and Joomla website administration. I will use articles, but in the future maybe I will also try to create Joomla extensions which are targetted to security and website administration.

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